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About CVD

About CVD

What is Covid19 - CVD ?

Covid19 - AKA CVD is an ERC 20 TOKEN whose purpose is not only the commercial one, closely linked to the cryptocurrency exchange

At the base of the token there is a project called "Crypto CVD Art". We are currently developing the platform and will give you more details as soon as we have a solid base to present to you.

Our idea is to create an our platform where rare elements of art will be published and exchanged in CVD.

These elements will be closely related to the historical moment we are experiencing (Covid19) and therefore elements related to:






However, other projects are under development and we will notify you as soon as possible. If you want to know more about us join on our Discord Server.

What is Crypto CVD Art?

Crypto CVD Art is a marketplace of unique and rare stickers all over the world. Born from the idea of ​​the Coronovirus pandemic, it wants to bring more unique than rare collectibles in your homes.

Nice collectibles with different types of rarity will be the result of a fantastic and accurate selection model.

Based on the Etherum blockchain, it allows you to buy and resell nice art elements using a double currency: ETH and CVD.

The platform is born as an evolution of the ERC 20 Token called Covid19 - CVD, with the aim of entertaining users during the pandemic period and also subsequently.

CVD is therefore an ERC 20 Token whose purpose is to encourage purchases on the CVD art Marketplace. Users will then be able to purchase or resell collectibles using the dual ETH / CVD currency. All those who will be able to use CVD rather than ETH will receive special discounts and prizes compared to other users.

"For example, the limited collection will be one of those things reserved only for users who have reached a certain CVD quorum"

Token Info

CVD is an ERC 20 Token based on the Etherum Blockchain.

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Discord Tip Bot


A Tip Bot is created to enable users on discord to send tips (small amounts of coins) to other users. It make sending and receiving crypto easy even for cryptocurrency newbies. Send coins to users who don't even have a wallet!